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Festivals, School Fetes, Shows

Camels add that unique and extra fun experience to any festival, school fete and show. Camel Rides are a very popular activity that is well loved among any age!

Photo Shoots, Film and Television

Do you have an unusual movie, or photo shoot that you would like to include camels in? We have worked with many companies over the years; Judas Collar, The Naked Wanderer to just name a few of the movies our camels have starred in

Birthday Parties and Weddings

Camels are a great way to add grandeur to your special occasion. Anything from children's parties, anniversaries, work functions to weddings. With our lovely camels, you'll want them at every occasion!

Plus so much more!

With over 30 years experience working with people and camels, our staff are able to cater for any kind of event you would like to have camels in! Contact us today to see how we can help create quite an experience with our camels.

Interested in doing business with us? Get in touch with us today.

About Our Business

With over 30 years experience, Calamunnda Camel Events have been bringing smiles to people of all ages, all around the Perth Metro and Outer Suburbs with the very popular Camel Rides. Camel Rides are very well-liked activity offering a unique experience that adds interest and joy during any event.

We are fully insured and our operators hold Working With Children (WWC) permits.

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Your unique opportunity awaits

Calamunnda Camel Events don't provide just camel rides, we provide a show, we provide an experience like no other, we provide an adventure at your event. Contact us today to book us for your exciting event.


Perth, Western Australia

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