It is with great sadness we let everyone know that Chris O'Hora AKA The Camel Whisperer and The Camel Man passed away suddenly Tuesday 12th April 2022.

Calamunnda Camel Farm will be CLOSING it's doors at 4pm on SUNDAY JUNE 26TH 2022.

This very hard decision has been made by Chris' family after some serious consideration. Please be rest assured that all our camels and small animals are our main priority and they are being treated with the utmost love and care. Chris' children, the Camel Farm Staff and Volunteers have all been trained very well by the Camel Whisper himself and all are helping during this truly difficult and emotional time.

We want to let everyone know that the gate will remain open for all Mountain Bikers and Hikers to continue to use the car park and facilities. The amazing Trails Hub Cafe serve incredible food and are open Thursday to Sunday. There are also Mountain Bike hire and all things Mountain Biking with the Rock and Roll Mountain Biking. Not to forget the Break the Boundary Inc. who do such wonderful things for the community.

We want to thank you again for all your support over the years and we appreciate your kind words and all your help as we move through these trying times.


Camel Entertainment

Camels for your special event

Film and Television

Do you have an unusual film or television series that you would like to include camels in? We have worked with many companies over the years; Judas Collar, The Furnace & The Naked Wanderer to just name a few of the movies our camels have starred in.


Photo Shoots

Newspaper articles, promos, restaurant openings - just a couple of different photo shoots we have supplied camels for and been in over the years!

School Fetes, Shows & Festivals

Camels add that unique and extra fun experience to any festival, school fete and show. Camel Rides are a very popular activity that is well loved among any age!


Birthday Parties & Weddings

Camels are a great way to add grandeur to your special occasion. Anything from children's parties, anniversaries, work functions to weddings. With our lovely camels, you'll want them at every occasion!

Christmas Parades & Nativity Plays

Have you thought about adding camels to your Christmas Parade or Nativity Play? Christmas is our busiest time of the year with many organisations across Western Australia adding the exceptional experience of camels.


Corporate Balls & Functions

Thinking of a themed event? Moroccan, Arabian, Outback Australia are all amazing ideas that have included our camels as an fantastic display or feature.

Plus so much more!

With over 30 years experience working with people and camels, our staff are able to cater for any kind of event you would like to have camels in! Contact us to see how we can help create quite an experience with our camels at your event.


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